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How To Improve Your Online Shop

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b2ap3_thumbnail_wpdevshed-ecommerce.jpgSo you've set up an online shop but is it running the way you're wanting it to? If you're not getting the results you were expecting, there may be an issue with your eCommerce system. We give you some top tips that will help improve your online shop for you and your customers!

1. Make Sure Your Online Shop is User Friendly!

The design is crucial in helping people navigate and find products easily on your website. The layout should be clean with concise text so its not cluttered and hard to see. Particularly for tangible products, there should be options for the consumer to zoom in or view the products in detail from different angles. A smooth running website with easy to use navigation will help your customers enjoy a stress-free online shopping experience.

2. Shopping Cart Tracking

If sales are dwindling online, it might be worth checking if the online purchasing process are to blame. You can track your customer's shopping cart and see at what point they abandoned their shopping. And if this is a recurring thing, it can help you pinpoint where and possibly what has caused them to not complete the shop.

3. Customer Feedback is Key!

Not only should you monitor the purchasing steps of your customers but also their coments and feedback about your online shop. Their input will give you constructive criticisms and insight into your website. It will help you identify key problems such as user unfriendliness, messy layout or glitches that have made it difficult for consumers to complete their purchases.

4. Shopping is Going Mobile

Over half of the world's population owns a smartphone with eight in ten people using their devices to do some online shopping. With shopping on mobile devices becoming more and more popular, it is worth investing in optimising your online store to adapt to smartphones and tablets. An online shop that is not responsive to mobile devices will discourage users from shopping on your website, increasing the bounce rate on your website.

5. Integrate Social Media into Your eCommerce

Tell the world and let them know about your online store! Add sharing buttons onto your website and product pages to allow people to share content and becoming natural brand advocates for your business. Why not include social media exclusive promotions or encourage users to like your page with incentives? It will give your social media page a boost popularity and followers, helping your business increase its online visibility.

Penny For Your Thoughts?

Leave a comment about your thoughts and your ideas on how to improve an eCommerce site! We would love to hear what you think! Check out our infographic on "Why eCommerce Matters" to find out more about online shopping! 

Effortless Sites can help you create a great quality website at affordable prices! We will deliver a unique and custom designed website for your business on budget and on time. Our services range from website design and SEO to eCommerce! For more information, visit our website at www.effortlesssites.com. Alternatively, contact us here to enquire what we can do for you!


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Fantastic job! I could not ask for a more professional and responsive company. Completely got what I wanted and the end results were superb! So pleased with the site guys, thanks so much!

Tom, Dad's Rock