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Social Media Management for Businesses from Effortless Sites

A-social-media-logotype-008Edinburgh, 26 May 2014—Effortless Sites, one of the fastest growing web development companies in Scotland, offers social media management for businesses. This particular offering is part of their select line of complementary services that help businesses establish a stronger presence on the web.

The Response to Clients' Engagement Needs

Social media is an online marketing trend used to engage with customers. It's an indispensable and effective part of any marketing plan, as businesspeople can use them when sharing content and finding leads, which they can turn into customers.

Effortless Sites understands that setting up and managing social media accounts spell additional work on the part of the business owners. This is why they offer social media management services that come in three different packages: Social Starter, Social Plus, and Social Premium.
The company's Social Starter package includes basic features that are necessary for entrepreneurs just starting to learn the ins and outs of their own enterprise. The package includes 2 posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ per week. It also includes one blog post per month. The package is priced at £25/monthly.

The Social Plus package provides increased content posts and helps when it comes to newsletter management. The package includes 5 posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ per week, and one blog post a month. They also include newsletter integration. The package costs £50/month.
The Social Premium package is designed for large and growing enterprises. It includes 10 posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ per week, and one blog post per month. For this package, the content will be provided by Effortless Sites. They also provide in-depth monthly reporting. The cost of the package is £150/month.

About Effortless Sites

Founded in Edinburgh by Iain Faulds in 2012, Effortless Sites has been building high quality websites for small businesses. The goal of the business is to help small enterprises set up functional websites at reasonable prices. The company is one of the fastest growing web development companies in Scotland that specialises in small business websites. Last year, Effortless Sites helped a significant number of private and non-profit organisations create beautiful websites. The company offers different packages, which make it easy for clients to choose only the services they need. They also take pride in their outstanding customer support.

To learn more about the company, visit http://www.effortlesssites.com

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Fantastic job! I could not ask for a more professional and responsive company. Completely got what I wanted and the end results were superb! So pleased with the site guys, thanks so much!

Tom, Dad's Rock