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Why You Should Start A Blog For Your Business

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why-arent-you-bloggingIt's easy to set up a blog on your website these days so why not use it to your business's advantage? If your blogging page is collecting dust or you haven't started one yet, we give you a few reasons why you should start blogging regularly!

Tell People What's New About You!

Let people know about your what's happening with your business, new products and/or services you are launching on your blog. Perhaps you can keep people updated with the developments of a project or post snippets of information prior to launching new products to help build up buzz around your business.

Once that new product and/or service has been launched, write a detailed blog to fully showcase its features and to build some momentum towards promoting it.

Share Your Expertise

Sharing your knowledge shows that you are an expert in your field and a trusty source. Your blog can provide consumers the information they have been looking for or answer topics or common questions related to your industry. So why not position yourself as a thought leader to consumers wanting in-depth knowledge and advice?

Building On Content Marketing and Interactions

Blogging is core to your content marketing strategy and should also incorporate your social media marketing. You control your own content and your blogs are not subjected to various changes such as algorithms on social networks. Your blogs will add value to your brand, helping it build awareness.

Get people thinking by writing topical blogs and set up a commenting section. This will allow readers to leave their thoughts after reading your post and for you to collect any feedback This encourages people to start conversations and interact with you, helping you build rapport with your readers.

Show Your Online Proactiveness

By posting frequently, it will show that you have an active presence online. Integrate that with social media and you can promote awareness and increase exposure. Creating good quality and regular content helps with SEO! Your website will be ranked higher on search engines, depending on its content and time relevance. If your blog is popular and is shared on various websites, it will boost credibility and your website's organic ranking on search engines.

No time for digital marketing?

At Effortless Sites, you can leave your blog and social media management to us. We will take care of your online marketing so you can focus on your main business activities. For more details into our Social Media packages, click here!

Our services range from website design to SEO, so if you need help with your web presence, don't hesitate to contact us today!


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Fantastic job! I could not ask for a more professional and responsive company. Completely got what I wanted and the end results were superb! So pleased with the site guys, thanks so much!

Tom, Dad's Rock