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Why Your Business Needs To Engage On Social Media

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b2ap3_thumbnail_social-media-logic1.gifWith Facebook turning ten years old, social media has been around for a long time yet not all businesses are using it to its advantage. Everyone is using social media, from young teens to grandparents! With social media being the number 1 activity on the Internet, it's time to get involved.

Engage and Interact with Consumers

A lot of social media users prefer to interact with brands via these platforms to start conversations with businesses. By using these outlets, it can help you reach those consumers and converse with them, not at them. By engaging with them on social networks, you can start to build a good rapport with your followers.

Not only will your social media page allow you to speak with consumers but also provide them an extra channel of customer service. But if you decide to be proactive in providing customer service on these networks, be aware that you might be expected to respond quickly and efficiently to queries!

Keep People Updated About Your Business

If you are launching a new product or service, you want to get the word out! Many people will follow brands for the latest news and connect with the business. It comes to no surprise why 40% of users learn about products and services through Twitter!

So announce your latest products or news on social media! If it grabs people's attention and interest, your post could spread to their networks, creating an online buzz around the business.

Sharing and Creating Content to Boost Your Online Presence

We are always sharing content on social media, whether it is a funny cat picture or a viral video on YouTube. It is the behaviour of sharing and liking posts that can help gain more buzz around your business and increase your exposure. Even by posting interesting content from other sources can help get people talking and associated with your business.

With that said, it is still crucial to create your own content. So add some value to your brand by writing a blog and sharing your expertise with consumers, showing that you are a knowledgeable source in your sector.

Want more facts and figures about businesses on social media? Then check out our infographic about "Why Your Business Needs To Be On Social Media"!

Let us know what your thoughts are on using social media for your business in the comment section below!

Effortless Sites provides a range of web services and packages designed to suit different needs. So whether you need a website or some help with managing your social media networks, get in touch with us here now! Want to know more? Then visit our website at www.effortlesssites.com to see what we can offer you. 


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Fantastic job! I could not ask for a more professional and responsive company. Completely got what I wanted and the end results were superb! So pleased with the site guys, thanks so much!

Tom, Dad's Rock